Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome to C-Registry Copyright Forum

Copyright could be the world's most under valued asset, one that spans all cultures and ages, from a child's drawing to professional creations. It's time for creators to reclaim that value, for online creative works to recognize their creators, and for all participants to benefit from this creativity. Our mission helps address these needs.

This is the official blog/forum of The Copyright Registry(tm) database at Postings are monitored. No anonymous posts are allowed. We invite responsible citizens to discuss the application of The Copyright Registry to issues surrounding the online use of intellectual property.


  1. This is a bold undertaking to be sure. And not an inexpensive one I wouldn't think. How will you fund this company if the service is free?

  2. Hi Randy,

    Thanks for taking the time to create and open this blog. Can you give us some idea of the technology that your web spider uses to track infringing images on the web?


    Stan Rowin

  3. This is a test to see if anyone can post