Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Copyright & Orphan Works Focus at CEPIC & MILE Conferences

CEPIC and MILE are over for 2009. There was a lot of interest in orphan works and copyright, far more than ever before. It is the "year of copyright" in many ways, especially if judged by recent major media news clips on the topic and quotes from U.S. legislators at the Copyright Summit in DC. Here is a link to seminar info on the topic, including my PowerPoint presentations.


And for those who haven't been to CEPIC, here are some snaps to give a feeling for what it's like. CEPIC is the Cannes Film Festival of the Stock Photo Industry for Europe, a place where photo agencies make deals for distribution amidst seminars and industry-level discussions.

Randy Taylor speaking on copyright, orphan works and related solutions at CEPIC and MILE conferences. Photos by Brian Kavanagh of Bridgeman Art Library.

CEPIC Conference tables area where stock photo agencies arrange for distribution deals and business relationships. Close-up of Dagmar Fabricius and Randy Taylor of StockPhotoFinder/C-Registry. Photos by Stefanie L√ľken of Jahreszeiten Verlag GmbH.

Many more photos from CEPIC Conference

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