Thursday, November 5, 2009

Image Registry Adds Automated Registration

Here’s a big step forward for photographers and illustrators to protect the value of their creative works. Site Protector™ enables automated registration of images on an HTML web page in the name of the creator. This new, patent-pending tool facilitates registering images in the image registry at

Every time you do a photo shoot, you can now create a web page of images of that shoot, add the simple source code from Site Protector, and upload that page. Every image on that page or added later to that page will be registered automatically in the name of the creator at The Copyright Registry at

C-Registry is working on automating the whole copyright registration process. This step gets visual content from web pages registered in the image registry. Coming later … getting it from the image registry into the U.S. Copyright Office.

But meanwhile, photographers and illustrators can conveniently register every image they create by adding source code from Site Protector to the HTML web pages of their portfolio or company site. And if the code is added to a header or footer that spans multiple pages in a web site, every image on every page at that site will be automatically registered for the creator.

This isn’t the U.S. Copyright Office. But it’s the next best thing. And, it’s only $25 per year to register unlimited quantities of images.

Read the press release on automated registration in the image registry.

And, here’s the instructional video on how to automatically register your copyrightable images at

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